OCCP  has been fortunate to have so many individuals, groups and businesses willing to contribute their time, money and food to assist those who need help with their food requirements.

Major Contributors


Faith Based Organizations

St. Mary

The pantry was a collaborative effort between the St. Vincent de Paul Society of St. Mary Church and the Family Resource Center.  St. Mary's continues to provide the building that OCCP is now in for a rental fee of $1.00 a year! The parishioners of St. Mary's continue to provide food, time and monetary donations to the OCCP.
Many other area faith based organizations and their parishioners provide food, time and monetary donations to the Oxford Community Choice Pantry.
  • Oxford Presbyterian
  • United Methodist
  • Holy Trinity Episcopal
  • Faith Lutheran
  • Reilly Presbyterian
  • Cobblestone
  • Darrtown United Methodist

Other Organizations


Walmart contributes approximately 100 lbs of food per week; Walmart provides much of the produce that is available to our customers.
 Krogers gives the OCCP significant discounts on many of the products that are available for our customers.

Empty Bowls
Empty Bowls  holds a "Soup and a Bowl" fund raiser every year that results in a significant contribution to the pantry.

Major Partners

Shared Harvest

Shared Harvest  is an organization that helps provide food to all in Butler County. They are funded by donations and state and federal money. They provide about four dollars worth of food for every dollar OCCP gives to them.

Office of Community Engagement and Service (Miami University)
The OCES coordinates all student volunteer efforts and campus food drives.

Miami Student Dietetic Association
The association provides dietetic information for our customers while they are in the pantry.

Grant Providers

Multiple organizations have supported the Oxford Community Choice Pantry through grants.
  • Oxford Community Foundation
  • United Way of Oxford
  • Emergency Food and Shelter Program
  • Butler Rural Community Connection
  • Salvation Army
  • Community Coalition (Lions, Masons, Kiwanis, Rotary)
  • McGuffey School Foundation
  • Oxford Masons
  • Walmart



In the calendar year of 2010, there were over 2500 hours of time donated by helpful citizens of the Talawanda School district to aid their fellow residents. Some of those hours were contributed by the customers of the food pantry.


Individuals donated a total of $11,000 in 2010.
See our "Support" page to learn ways you can help.


Individuals donated 31,359 pounds of food in 2010.


Although the staff of OCCP are paid, the amount they are paid in no way compensates them for the effort they put forth. If they were paid the amount they deserve, the OCCP would have to shut down.

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