Supporting the OCCP

You can support the OCCP by donating one of more items from the following categories:


The pantry is in need of volunteer receptionists, shopping assistants and food stockers. Click HERE to indicate an interest in volunteering your time. You will be contacted by our Director as soon as s/he is able. 


You can help us feed the people of the Talawanda School District through donations of nonperishable food, fresh fruits and vegetables, personal care items, Kroger or WalMart cards. Food donations can be received during our open hours.


In spite of the receipt of donated food, the pantry must rely on purchased foods to meet the needs of our customers. Money is used to make food purchases at reduced cost from Shared Harvest Foodbank (roughly $4.00 worth of food for every $1.00 spent) and from local supermarkets (milk, meat, eggs).

Money may be donated in several different ways:

 Kroger Community Rewards - BEST DEAL FOR ALL OF US!
Every time you use your Kroger PLUS Shopper's card, Kroger will donate FOUR PERCENT of all your Kroger purchases (groceries, pharmacy, gasoline)  to the OCCP.

You must have a Kroger Shoppers Card and a Kroger.com account to participate. If you have a Kroger Shoppers card, you can easily get a Kroger.com account at the same time you register. So GO AHEAD.. PLEASE register now. Click HERE if you haven't done so already. Our Organization Number is 81505.

You will never have a better, easier way to make a significant contribution at no direct cost to you. The cost of these donations is already built into the prices you pay at Kroger, so help us get it back.  Click HERE if you haven't done so already. Our Organization Number is 81505.

By the way, having a Kroger.com account will get you online coupons that are loaded onto your shoppers card and give you automatic coupon discounts without the infernal snip-snip-snipping. Click HERE if you haven't done so already.  Our Organization Number is 81505.

A check made payable to OCCP and mailed to
Treasurer -OCCP
P.O. Box 391
Oxford, OH 45056-0391

Credit Card via PayPal (One Time)
Make a one time donation with your credit card via PayPal. No PayPal account needed.
BUT... before you do, would you please consider setting up a monthly contribution? It would really help a lot of people and it probably won't hurt you much. Thank you.

Nonetheless, we are grateful for ANY money you can give. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
Click the Donate button to link to our secured Paypal account. You do not need to have a Paypal account.

Automatic Recurring Monthly Donation - From Your Bank
Set up a monthly plan for helping. Nothing too painful - $5.00 is great (more is more great),  If we can get even 100 of you to make a donation of $5.00 a month, think how much that will provide your neighbor in need.
Here is the information you will need to initiate the automatic process:
Payee: Treasurer -OCCP
P.O. Box 391
                 Oxford, OH 45056-0391
 Account Number: Use your full name as the account number so we can credit you and issue your IRS tax deduction form at year-end.
The Oxford Community Choice Pantry is a 501c charity. All donations are tax deductible.
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